Profit First Bookkeeping

Profit First sounds good but what the heck is it?

Profit First is the only cash management system that works with our natural human tendency to do “Bank Balance Accounting”.  You know what I mean – You see something you want to buy so you whip out your phone, check your bank balance, and spend 1,999.00 of the 2,000.00 shown, not once considering the checks you cut yesterday haven’t cleared the account yet.    Be honest – you’ve done it.  I know I have and I do this for a living.

Profit First makes bank balance accounting work FOR you by first allocating money to Profit and other accounts so that what you see is truly what you have available.   You will naturally adjust your spending habits and for the first time when your tax preparer says “Congratulations, you’ve made a profit!” you won’t be asking yourself where all the money went.

I’ve been working with Shaneh for several years now. Through her guidance, my company is establishing solid financial recordkeeping and education that is guiding the business to new heights. I work with her virtually and have no problems with this arrangement. Her insights and willingness to listen, educate, and help troubleshoot is one not commonly found with this type of service. THANK YOU to Shaneh for all the hope and help she’s provided.  ~ E3 Client Since 2014

K. Bowen

CEO, Kristin's Great Finds

We know that entrepreneurs typically aren’t ones for convention. You might do most of your work for your clients remotely—heck, you might not even have an office at all. You understand the latest sales funnel software and online collaboration tools, and you’re not afraid to use them.

You’ve likely also got a packed schedule, with lots of deadlines, projects, subcontractors, and full-time staff to manage. Contract-based work may mean that your books are unpredictable. It can be easy for things to fall through the cracks.

It’s hard to keep the creative juices flowing when you’re worried about balancing the books. E3 Services can help you get back to doing what you love.

E3 Services can help you out with:

  • Profit First Coaching
  • Job Costing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounting Clean-ups
  • And much much more……


Our levels of service include:



You can handle your own books, but want a second set of eyes to make sure everything’s on track and that you are implementing Profit First correctly. We’ll check in once a month to fill you in on how your business is doing—then we’ll stay out of your way.

Helping Hand

Maybe you need help with just one aspect of your bookkeeping. You’ve got your sales process down but don’t know the right way to track your expenses. Perhaps you do everything by hand but would like a nice clean report each month showing you the health of your biz. We can help with that.

24/7 Service

You never want to have to touch your books. You want your bills paid, your invoices sent, monies collected, Profit First allocations made, and a partner to bounce ideas off of. No problem. We’ll be there whenever you need us.