Appreciation Marketing

Whether it’s been taught through a class, learned through a book or explained through a business-building seminar, you know that to be able to market well and sell your product or service is the key to Success. Right? Wrong.

Study after study has revealed that it is easier, cost-wise, to keep an existing customer than to gain a new one.

That’s why Appreciation Marketing is so important. It isn’t necessarily about sales—rather, it’s about building relationships with your customers. Reminding them that you’re the one who can solve their problems. That way, next time they’re ready to buy or need a service, you’ll be at the top of their minds.

E3 Services can help you show your clients that you care. We can help with:


  • Reminder Cards and Emails
  • Customer Surveys
  • Blogging
  • Mixed Media Messaging
  • Prospect Tracking for Sales Teams
  • Calendar Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • CRM Training
  • Welcome Neighbor Campaigns
  • Birthday Cards
  • Social Media Content

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    We know that, as a business owner, you have so many things to juggle and marketing is an easy ball to drop. That is why E3 Services is committed to providing you stellar marketing techniques and strategies that will enable you to build and maintain amazing relationships with your clients, by showing them that you care. We’re here for YOU!


    We’ll set you up with and educate you on our CRM system. You can use it to interact with customers as often as you need.


    Helping Hand

    Need help timing interactions, tracking prospects, or completing other tasks? Come to us for encouragement—and to take some of the marketing workload off your hands.


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    Want appreciation marketing to happen seamlessly, without you lifting a finger? Brainstorming, creating and maintaining a mixed media message campaing?  Yep, we’ve got it all under control.

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