About Us

We’re E3 Services, a business development partnership based in Greenville, Ohio. Very simply put, we help entrepreneurs, like you and around the world, MAKE and KEEP more of what you earn!
About Our Founder

I’m Shaneh – Ring Master and resident Number Tamer.  I’m a bookwyrm, a music lover, a candy maker and yes, the owner of E³ Services.  I’m from Alaska. North Pole Alaska to be precise….No Santa jokes, please.  When I’m not cracking the whip over my amazing team I travel all over the US in search of fantastic live music.

I’m the big picture person here at E³ Services.  I work with the clients to understand their dreams and goals, and then together we develop a plan that helps them get there.

My superpower? Taking multiple dysfunctional systems and creating something new, exciting, and useful from them.

I am a Profit First Certified bookkeeper and a Ziglar Certified speaker, trainer, and coach.

What makes E3 Services different?


We don’t stop at your financial statement. We work hard to get to know you, your business, and your goals and aspirations. We don’t just crunch your numbers—we show you what they mean. Then, we go beyond the numbers and empower you to make your goals reality.


We tailor our work to yours. We know that some companies need help with only one aspect of their bookkeeping. Others want regular check-ins on their financial health. Still others would rather have money completely off their minds (and their to-do lists). We can work with that.


We have more than 20 years of financial management experience—but we’re anything but stuffy corporate types. Case in point; Our Founder’s hair is currently purple!  We are also one of less than 200 firms worldwide certified in Profit First. Our team may be small, but we’re chock-full of personality—and we manage to keep smiles on our faces even when we’re wading through piles of receipts and paperwork.

Above all, we’re tirelessly focused on your success. Seeing small business owners succeed is the reason we do what we do.

The E3 Approach

In 2014, we changed our name from One Price Services to E3 Services. So what does our name mean, anyway? Our work is driven by three values—“the 3 E’s.” They guide every aspect of what we do. They are:


There’s no two ways about it: owning a business can be scary. When you’ve got a personal investment on the line, it can be hard to take risks. To move into a new market or a hire a new employee. E3 Services is here to encourage you to take the next step on your financial journey. We help you match your finances to your business goals—then give you the push you need to make them reality.


Many business owners not only don’t know how to manage their books—they don’t get why understanding their numbers is important. They don’t know how to limit expenses or boost sales, because they can’t see which way their money is going. We’re on a mission to change that. We want business owners to feel confident about the way their business is run. As they say, “knowledge is power.” We couldn’t agree more.


Small, independent businesses are often a labor of love. But as a business owner, do you ever feel like you’ve lost sight of why you started? Almost overnight, your work goes from a joy to a job. It doesn’t have to be that way. E3 Services helps you refocus on the reasons you started your business in the first place. And we help you see how you can use your business to achieve your dreams—business and personal. We empower you to tackle the task or climb the mountain you’ve been dreaming of.

Education, encouragement, and empowerment are our mission. Bookkeeping,  payroll, and marketing are just the tools.

VIA Property Management

Nathan Hitchcock | Founder and CEO of VIA Property Management in Walnut Creek, CA

Vic Green Realty

Lori Lyons | Owner of Vic Green Realty in Dayton, OH

Affordable Searches

Paul Marcu | Owner of Affordable Searches in Sugarland, TX

Mane Place

E3 Services has been an integral part of our success for over 15 years. Do what you were born to do, let E3do the stuff that has to be done!

Randy Reynolds | Mane Place Fairbanks, Alaska | Client since 1997

Ace Tekk Wireless Internet

E3 Services offers us a solution that literally takes all of the office work off our hands, and allow us to focus on our business. Since we went to them for all of our bookkeeping, we have been able to grow without the constant job of making sure customers are billed, and vendors are getting paid. Shaneh and Kimberley have always been willing to do whatever is needed over the years we have worked with them and have always provided excellent service, at a reasonable rate.

Dean Kruckenberg | Ace Tekk Wireless Internet Fairbanks, Alaska | Client Since 2007

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